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Running an online business can be full of obstacles and challenges, and one of the biggest challenges is staying competitive. Unfortunately, banks and financial institutions prefer merchant offering accounts to other businesses over an online store due to their credit policies. If you’re having a hard time finding the best merchant service provider, you are at the right place!

One of the most prominent shopping outlets in the industry is E-commerce and a merchant account will help you in accepting online payments. As an online business, online payments play a vital role in your success. You should look for a nationally accredited merchant service provider with excellent technology in order to get your payments processed efficiently and without any errors. We even have an online support team to assist you with any kind of help or guidance you need.

JazzPay provides: –

  1. Professional services
  2. Long-term growth
  3. Nationwide coverage
  4. 24/7 live customer support
  5. Easy registration online/on call
  6. Seamless Integration
  7. Process heavy volume payment transactions
  8. Inspired Performance
  9. Fast, secure & simply the best Payment Gateway you can get. Complete Payments Solution.

Our team is always dedicated to the growth and rapid success of your online business. Our advanced technology helps us in making your online payment experience easy and efficient. We provide PCI compliant gateways, chargeback mitigation and seamless integration to work with almost any website or system. JazzPay has years of experience working with many clothing and Apparel companies and can surely help your business reach the heights you imagined.

You will be working with a team well trained to meet the demands of your growing online business. Sign up with us and take one step forward on the road to success. Give us a call today.

POS Systems Jazzpay

Retail POS

State-of-the-art point of sale systems that are easy to use. EMV/NFC payment device and no-fuss setup.

EVM-Terminal Point of Sale

EMV Terminal

Counter top and Wireless options available! Supports EMV/NFC/Swipe and contactless payments.

Smart-Payment-POS Systems


Process payments on-the-go using your smartphone! Wireless, hassle-free technology.

Wireless Payment Terminals

Wireless Terminals

Brand new wireless terminals perfect for restaurant owners, trade shows and anyone on the go.

Full Service Solutions

No-Setup-Fee Jazzpay

No Setup Fee

No-Cancellation-Fee Merchant account

No Cancellation Fee

Same-Day-Setup of Payment gateway

Same Day Setup

Next-Day-Payments Merchant services

Next Day Payments

Wholesale-Rates for Payment gateway solutions

Wholesale Rates

Easy-Application for Jazzpay Payment Solutions

Easy Application

Excellent-Consumer-Ratings for Credit Card payments

Excellent Consumer Ratings

Live-Customer-Support for Merchant account

Live Customer Support

Complete Payment Proceeding Solutions for thousands of clients nationwide.

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